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08 (August)

Date: August 2, 2011 (Pilot Plant Diagnostic Integration Peer Review)



Diagnostic performance and integration are critical issues for future fusion nuclear facilities, such as CTFs, Pilot Plants, or Demo, because of the high level of plasma control expected.  Diagnostic space requirements compete with requirements for heating and tritium breeding.  The measurement requirements and nuclear environment constrain the diagnostic technical solutions.

In order to obtain a better understanding of these issues and their design implications for future machines, a study has been undertaken within the framework of PPPL's pilot plant activity.  The study will examine diagnostic integration issues for  advanced tokamak (AT), spherical tokamak (ST), and compact stellarator (CS) pilot plant options.  To date, progress has been made in developing measurement requirements and system selection for only the AT and ST machine configuration designs. An integration approach is being developed, using ITER as a guide.  The purpose of this peer review is to obtain feedback from experts on the choices being made and the plans for completing the study.


Michael Bell
Ron Bell
George Labik
Jon Menard
Lane Roquemore
Steve Scott
Jim Strachan
Jim Terry
Ken Young, Chair

Attendance will be open to all interested researchers.


For the AT and ST:

  1. Have the appropriate plasma measurement requirements been identified?
  2. Have the appropriate diagnostic system choices been made?
  3. Are the diagnostic space allocations and machine integration approaches reasonable?
  4. Have the key performance and integration issues been identified?


Reviewers and observers are asked to submit their comments and unresolved concerns in the form of chits.  
Participants at PPPL will use the provided chit form.  
Off-site participants are asked to e-mail their comments to Ken ( , cc to Hutch(  
Ken and committee will re-convene at a later date to disposition the chits and finalize the report.


Preliminary Investigation of Diagnostics in Support of Fusion Pilot Plant Studies A. Costley

ST Machine Design T. Brown

AT Machine Design T. Brown

An Overview of Pilot Plant Designs Based on the Advanced Tokamak, Spherical Tokamak and Stellarator T. Brown, SOFE 2011

   Poster presentation (ppt)


10:00 Introduction to pilot plant study and presentation of charge. H. Neilson 

10:15 Measurement requirements and system selection. A. Costley 

11:00 Space allocation and design integration. T. Brown 

11:45 Lunch break 

12:30 Identification and Initial Assessment of Critical Diagnostic Issues. A. Costley

13:15 General discussion 

14:00 Adjourn