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04 (April)

Date: April 18, 2016 (Team Meeting)


            Program Update - D. Gates
      • FY2016 one time allocation of $1.7M for W7-X collaboration
      • Reported on status of the StellCon report, DOE looking for community consensus
      • Discussed presentation of W7-X experimental results in coming months
      • Chits were discussed regarding W7-X workshop
    IR Camera Data - G. Wurden

      • Reported on IR camera data taken during the W7-X OP1.1 campaign
      • IR camera data agrees with limiter heat load predictions in terms of heat stripe patterns qualitatively
      • Demonstrated use of IR camera to measure heat flux and verify limiter calorimetry
      • Plans for OP1.2 were discussed

    TEM Experiments - J. Harris
  • Reported on TEM experiments done on ATF
  • Proposed outline for a XP TEM work plan