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, Neutral Beams and Energetic Particles
2017-2, XICS Exploitation
2017-3, PMI and Impurity Sourcing
2017-4, OP2 Endoscopes
2016-1Remote Collaboration Technology
2015-1High Heat Flux Scraper Element
2015-2Long-Pulse PMI Science
2015-3Phase Contrast Imaging
2015-4Gas Puff Imaging
2015-5Heavy Ion Beam Probe
2015-6EMC3-Eirene Modeling
2015-7V3FIT equilibrium reconstruction, EMC3 interface
2015-8X-ray imaging crystal spectrometer (Auburn)
2015-9Helium Exhaust
2015-10Quantitative Edge Spectroscopy
2014-1TDU Scraper Element
2014-2X-ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometer
2014-3On-Site U.S. W7-X Program Coordination at IPP
2014-4Magnetics and Control
2014-5Infrared Imaging
2014-6Pellet Injection Program

Task Agreement Summary:

W7-X Task Agreement Summary