2016 January

ASIPP-PPPL Collaboration Meeting

A meeting of the ASIPP-PPPL collaboration on CFETR design was held 25-29 January 2016 in Hefei, China.

PPPL attendees: Hutch Neilson, Tom Brown, Chuck Kessel, Andrei Khodak, Peter Titus

ASIPP attendees: Jingang Li, Yuantao Song, Songlin Liu, Jinxing Zheng, Mingzhun Lei, Kun Pei, Sumei Liu, Kai Huang, Zhongwei Wang



1. PPPL Team Overview: Neilson

2. Systems Analysis: Kessel

3. Configuration Design: Brown

3.1 Design Discussion Topics, Jan 25: Brown

3.2 Design Discussion Topics, Jan 27: Brown

3.3 CFETR Task List: Brown

4. Magnets: Titus

4.1 CFETR PPPL Magnet Presentation

4.2 Benchmarks and Measured Outlet Temperatures

4.3 DCPS Algorithms

4.4 OH Preload Loss

4.5 CS Bore Space Optimization

4.6 Superconductors and Winding Packs

5. Preliminary Consideration of Magnet Configuration for CFETR Magnet: Zheng

6. Blankets: Khodak, Titus, Brooks

6.1 CFETR Bdot

6.2 3D Thermal Analysis for CFETR Pre-Superheated Blanket: Khodak

6.3 CFETR Preliminary Blanket Module Analysis: Titus, Brooks

6.4 CFETR Preliminary Blanket Module Analysis (Figures): Titus

6.5 EM Analysis of CFETR with RAFM Steel FW: Brooks

6.6 DCLL Magnetics Model

7. Blankets: ASIPP Team

7.1 CFETR Blanket Integration Design

7.2 Summary of Blanket Joint Work-Group: Songlin Liu

7.3 Design Status of CFETR Blanket Activities: Songlin Liu