2015 January


A kickoff meeting of the ASIPP-PPPL collaboration on CFETR design was held 20-22 January 2015 at ASIPP.

PPPL attendees: T. Brown, C. Kessel*, P. Titus, H. Neilson

(*C. Kessel participated remotely)

ASIPP attendees: J. Li, Songlin Liu, X. Liu, J. Zheng, Sumei Liu, M. Lei, Z. Wang, K. Huang, K. Pei

General Strategy of Joint Work

  • China's national CFETR team has established a conceptual design targeting the Phase 1 mission: 50-200 MW of fusion power, 30-50% duty factor, TBR≈1.2. The reference design is similar to that of ITER, but slightly smaller (R=5.7 m) with B0=5 T.
  • The joint work will target a Phase 2 mission with high performance: fusion power approaching 1,000 MW steady state, and net electricity generation.
  • The research direction toward high performance will be to investigate a high magnetic field concept (B0 up to 8T if possible), moderately advanced physics (beta_N ≈ 3.5), and fully non-inductive operation, keeping with the machine dimensions and geometry (ITER-like cross section, single-null) of the current reference design.
  • In addition, a mixed-blanket configuration that permits simultaneous testing of two concepts, e.g. water-cooled and He-cooled ceramic breeders, will be investigated.


  • Presentations by ASIPP and PPPL team members generally reviewed past work on CFETR and other relevant studies by the two teams. Magnets and blankets were the main technical focus. Presentation materials can be accessed below, after the summary.

Joint Work Plan

  • A joint work plan developed by all meeting attendees is documented in the attachment. Goals for 2015 are defined and near-term tasks are spelled out in detail. Review the attached file: "Conclusions on the Joint Work Plan" carefully for specific assignments and actions.

Executive summary:

  • Work will proceed in 3 areas: systems analysis, magnets, and blankets. Near-term PPPL effort in these areas will be approximately 20%, 50%, 30%, respectively.
  • Systems analysis: scope out operating scenarios / operating space for Phase 2.
  • Magnets:
    • TF: lay out K-DEMO-like dual-pack TF magnet. Scope out LTS & HTS conductor combinations.
    • CS: investigate feasibility issues for HTS, either alone or as a hybrid with LTS.
  • Blankets: ASIPP will update existing concepts for WCCB and HCCB, and establish a common module configuration, as well as support structure arrangement. This will be the starting point for further analysis and development of a mixed-blanket configuration.

Deliverables for end of 2015

  • Magnet: concept for high-field magnet system (TF, CS, structure) for 2nd phase mission, with operating-space analysis
  • Blanket: conceptual designs of WCCB and HCCB blanket options (separate, not mixed) based on common module configuration & support structure

Future Meetings

  • Tentative plan for 2015 face-to-face meetings:
    • May: Hefei (before or after IAEA DEMO Workshop)
    • ~August: PPPL
    • ~Nov. or Dec.: China (exact location to be decided)
  • In addition, remote meetings (e.g., GoToMeetings) will be held as needed, approximately 1 or 2 remote meetings between face-to-face meetings. The next remote meeting is planned for the end of March.

Administrative actions

  • Explore 2-3 bedroom apartment near PPPL to accommodate long-term ASIPP visits to PPPL. (Neilson)
  • Do we need a ASIPP-PPPL MoU (or update) to document arrangements of CFETR, NSTX/EAST, and engineering collaborations? (Neilson and PPPL Director's Office).
  • Push approval of WFO agreement on both sides (Neilson, Li)

Summary by Hutch Neilson, 26 January 2015


1. CFETR General Background

1.1 Wan, Y.X., Chinese Roadmap (FPA, Washington)

1.2 Song, Status of CFETR design (Nanjing Meeting)

1.3 Kessel, CFETR Systems Analysis

1.4 Neilson, PPPL Research Activities

1.5 Kessel, ARIES, FNSF, and Pilot Plant

1.6 Kessel, FNSF Operating Program

1.7 Brown, PPPL Design Capabilities

1.8 Wang, ASIPP Engineering Analysis Capabilities

1.9 Titus, PPPL Engineering Analysis Capabilities

2. CFETR Magnets

2.1 Liu, X. CFETR Magnets Conceptual Design

2.2 Titus, CFETR Winding Packs

2.3 Titus, CFETR Central Solenoid

2.4 Zheng, CFETR Hybrid Magnet

3. CFETR Blankets

3.1 Liu, Songlin, CFETR Water-Cooled Blankets

3.2 Liu, Sumei, CFETR blanket integration

3.3 Lei, CFETR Helium-Cooled Blankets