2016 August

Summary of KDEMO Project Meeting, 04 August 2016

The meeting was held at PPPL during a visit by Drs. Keeman Kim and Kihak Im.

Presentations files

  1. NFRI-PPPL K-DEMO Project Update- H. Neilson
  2. Tokamak Configuration Issues- T. Brown

Discussion and Plans

  • 2016 Research Agreement for $250k has been executed. Performance period is through 03 August 2017.
  • Joint conference papers planned for TOFE, SOFT, and IAEA-FEC were reviewed.
  • Statement of work was reviewed and priorities updated.
  • Approximate balance of effort recommended by NFRI:
    • H&CD Analysis (60%)
    • Tokamak Analysis (40%)
  • Brown reviewed issues needing attention in tokamak design. This year’s priority will be to work on the in-vessel system design, especially structural connections from blanket modules to supports.
  • Brown identified design challenges for tokamak reactors in general, emphasizing blanket systems parts count as potentially a strong cost driver. (see presentation file)
  • Pros and cons of reducing number of TF coils from 16 to 12 were discussed. It was agreed we will continue to develop the 16-coil design but will try to address certain critical issues for 12-coil option.
  • NFRI asked PPPL to strongly emphasize/prioritize the helicon study.
  • Scope of the time-dependent simulation task needs further discussion with C. Kessel.

Next Meeting: 28-29 September 2016 (by Zoom)