2014 January

Dates: January 7-8, 2014

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Princeton NJ USA


The meeting was by GoToMeeting on 7 January (PPPL) and 8 January (NFRI).

The main goal of this meeting was to discuss progress in the current phase of the NFRI-PPPL collaboration, which extends through the end of February 2014.

Presentations files

  1. Neilson 20140107 K-DEMO Project Meeting
  2. Brown configuration update
  3. Titus Structural Analysis
  4. Covele X-divertor
    1. Covele et al. paper on ITER X-Divertor Study (for reference)
  5. Kessel H&CD

PPPL plans for the remainder of the current phase

About 56 hours of engineering effort remains in the current budget.

First priority for all U.S. participants is to document work already accomplished for inclusion in an update of the August 2013 Interim Report. Please have drafts in to me by 14 Feb. to allow time for report integration. Phase II Report, with placeholders and red notations where new material is needed, is available in the meeting folder.

Other actions discussed at the meeting are to be carried out as time and budgets permit:

    1. Update magnet stress analyses: resolve TF overstress, re-analyze CS with new build. Titus
    2. Document TBR with new configuration as presented by Brown. Identify feasible directions for future development,
    3. e.g., optimize blanket layering, blankets behind divertor. Im, with input from Brown
    4. Report coil currents for presented X-divertor scan, and update presentation file. Covele, done.
    5. Explore improvements in the X-divertor geometry, given freedom to move coils around. Covele
    6. Identify allowable neutral beam path through structure Kessel, Brown
    7. Establish fiducial equilibria and coil currents. Kessel

Next Meeting: Teleconference, 4-5 February 2014

Near-term schedule

√ 22 Oct. 2013 Phase II start date.

√ 10 Dec. 2013 Phase III work plan agreed

√ 20 Dec. 2013 R.A. Extension to Feb. 2015 submitted for DOE approval.

√ 7-8 Jan. 2014. Teleconference meeting.

  • 4-5 Feb.- Teleconference
  • ~12-13 Feb. Keeman visit to PPPL?
  • ~1 March- Teleconference.
  • 14 Feb. Phase II drafts due to GHN office for integration.
  • 28 Feb.- First draft of Phase II Report
  • 1 March- Phase III start.
  • 31 March- Phase II Report.

Summary by:

Hutch Neilson

10 January 2014