2013 May

Dates: May 6-7, 2013

The meeting (6 May in PPPL, 7 May at NFRI) was attended by PPPL and NFRI staff, conducted via GoToMeeting.


PF Coil Design (C. Kessel)

  1. A preliminary PF coil configuration has been established by Tom Brown.
  2. Coil currents for 3 equilibrium states were presented: pre-charge, low-beta end-of-burn (EOB), and high-beta EOB.

Lost breeding area (C. Kessel)

  1. An estimate of outboard first wall area needed for diagnostics and heating/current drive was presented.

Operating Space for the Reference Design Point (C. Kessel)

  1. System code analyses of the operating space were presented. This initial study examined sensitivity to certain assumptions, i.e. thermal conversion efficiency, radiated power fraction in the divertor, and divertor heat flux limit.
  2. Further studies will be presented in the SOFE paper.

Structural Analysis (P. Titus)

  1. Plans for structural analyses, and input needs from Kessel and Brown, were discussed.

Blanket Configuration / Key Issues (T. Brown)

  1. A concept for blanket segmentation into removable modules, based on a vertical maintenance approach, was presented.
  2. Key issues included the piping associated with feeding coolant to the individual blanket sub-modules, placement of coils for control of vertical position and possibly resistive wall modes and ELMs, and number of blanket segments.

Conductor Analysis (Y. Zhai)

  1. Design parameters for the various K-DEMO conductors were reviewed. It was pointed out the void fraction assumed for the CS conductor was too large. Some of the results are sensitive to this.
  2. After reviewing the FEMCAM model, a detailed summary of FEMCAM analysis results for K-DEMO was presented. Comparisons with ITER were included where appropriate.
  3. Highlights or recent ITER conductor tests in SULTAN were presented.

Next Phase of the Collaboration (H. Neilson)

  1. A work plan was presented, including a budget ($100k) and schedule. The next phase is assumed to extend from 1 August 2013 to 28 February 2014. The schedule chart will be modified to reflect this.
  2. Modifications to the research agreement will be initiated by PPPL.

Summary by:

Hutch Neilson, 7 May 2013