2013 October

Dates: October 28-29, 2013



The main goal of this meeting was to discuss plans for the next phase of the NFRI-PPPL collaboration, approximately now through the end of February 2014.


Presentations files

  1. Requested priorities for PPPL effort in this period (K. Kim)
  2. Blanket and Divertor Geometry (K. Im)
  3. Configuration status and next steps (T. Brown)
  4. Proposed PPPL task list

Action Items (PPPL)

  1. Discuss issues and requests for System Analysis work raised by NFRI (Neilson, Kessel)
    1. Reference CS/PF scenarios (SOF, SOB, EOB, etc.)
    2. Reference H&CD scenario(s). (Rely on studies done for ARIES and ITER?)
    3. NFRI suggestion to move to low-triangularity equilibrium to reduce area coverage? See Kihak's presentation.
    4. Inconsistency between outboard separatrix position and hardware radial build? (9.5m instead of 9.0m?)
  2. Consider modifying PPPL work plan to increase hours for Kessel. (Depending on availability). Neilson
  3. Contact Jong Sung Park about problems uploading CAD models to PPPL. Brown
  4. Agenda for November project meeting Neilson

Action Items (NFRI)

  1. Update Conceptual Studies Report TOC (presented at June meeting), including requested PPPL contributions. Provide schedule for completion (first draft due date, etc.) K. Kim
  2. Agenda for November project Kim, Im

Next Meeting: On-site Meeting at PPPL, 19-20 November 2013

Summary by Hutch Neilson, 29 October 2013