MFE DEMO Program

With ITER launched on its mission to study the physics and technology of a burning plasma, magnetic fusion research is undergoing a transition to a broader program aimed at producing fusion energy on an industrial, power plant scale. Worldwide, there is a growing emphasis on fusion technology and on planning for DEMO programs. This is driving an increased emphasis on fusion technology research and development that, along with ITER and accompanying research, will bring fusion as a power source within our reach.

While internationally there is no agreement on a single roadmap to fusion, the science and technology issues to be resolved for fusion power to become a reality are broadly agreed. Resolving these issues and understanding the options for next-step fusion nuclear facilities are of common interest, even if the emphases and priorities vary from nation to nation. Thus there is substantial scope to add value to the program by international cooperation.

In order to broaden the exchange of technical information and strategic perspectives, PPPL hosted an international workshop, "MFE Roadmapping in the ITER Era," held 7—10 September 2011 on the Princeton University campus in Princeton, N.J. In 2012, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) decided to launch a new DEMO Programme Workshop series, as a way to continue the international dialog and promote collaboration in DEMO program planning. The first of these was held in October 2012. Presentations and other records from these workshops are posted here.