12 (December)

Date: December 13, 2011


Action Items from the Meeting:

  • Follow up with LHD management to clarify schedule for LHD team memebership and experiemntal proposals. (D. Gates)
  • Include satus reports on new topics at next meeting (H. Neilson/ D. Gates)
    • Optimization - J. Breslau
    • System code development - A. Zolfghari
    • Updates on PPPL's eddy current results for CTH - J. Hanson, Auburn U.

Announcements (H. Neilson)

  • Stellarator progress highlights and program developments were summarized.
  • Milestone status was reviewed.

Stellarator Physics Plans (D. Gates)

  • Eight PPPL stellarator papers were presented at APS
  • Seven PPPL researchers will attend the ISHW-18
  • FY-12 Plans for LHD collaboration (see Gates slides for details)
    • Analysis of the results from the XICS diagnostic (Pablant)
    • Upgrade of XICS camera (need to develop schedule based on detector availability)
    • Transition STELLOPT based reconstruction of LHD equilibria into a production mode (semi-automated post-shot analysis - Lazerson)
    • Re-competition of international collaborations now postponed until March (after report of the FESAC committee on this topic)
    • Collaboration on dust dynamics proposed
  • FY-12 Plans for W7-X collaboration (see Gates slides for details)
    • Define physics program and facilitate information transfer with W7-X (Gates)
    • Arrange transfer of divertor and magnetic diagnostics info to PPPL (Gates, Lazerson)
    • Benchmark HINT2-PIES against agreed upon W7-X equilibrium (Lazerson, Reiman)
    • Modify PIES to allow non-stellarator symmetry (Lazerson, Reiman)
  • Stellarator optimization
    • System code development (Zolfaghari)
    • STELLOPT/COILOPT modification (Ku, Breslau)

Planning and Status Reports

2.2 XICS Spectrometer / LHD research plans (N. Pablant)

  • Including STELLOPT in his data analysis software.
  • With Sam, et al. they have a code library
  • Papers (Drafts by the end of January):
    • RSI paper in progress.
    • Paper on physics interpretation for PPCF? Nuclear Fusion?
  • New detector: delivery from Dectris by August.
  • In-house work on detector housing needs to start in April. (Lane Roquemore)
  • Lab seminar, "First Results from the X-ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometer on the Large Helical Device," was presented by Novimir on 14 December.

1.1 / 2.3 Equilibrium reconstruction / research plans (S. Lazerson)

  • Include flow in our equilibrium models?
  • Fitting Thomson scattering data
  • Benchmarking vs. HINT2 using W7-X data
  • Fitting MSE data- lots of discussion over interpretation
  • Milestones for FY-12:
    • MSE Diagnostic Benchmark - 2/12; Deliverable:ISHWTalk/Paper(NF?)
    • Equilibrium with Flow paper - 3/12; Deliverable:Paper
    • LHD Coil Current Optimization - 4/12; Deliverable:EPSTalk/Poster
    • Non-Stellarator Symmetric PIES - 7/12
    • Shielding Currents in PIES - 9/12; Deliverable:APSTalk/Poster
    • PIES/HINT2 Benchmarking Effort -TBD

3.1 Eddy current modeling for CTH (A. Zolfaghari)

  • Modeling the vacuum vessel with SPARK
  • Data has been turned over to Jim Hanson (ball is in Jim's court)
  • Possible paper for TOFE conference.
  • Hours spent are less than budgeted.
  • Methodology is of interest to W7-X, LHD, RFX
  • Eddy current modeling is becoming critical for interpreting stellarator magnetics data


Stellarator Team Update - H. Neilson

Stellarator Physics Plan for FY12 - D. Gates

Equilibrium reconstruction / research plans - S. Lazerson

Eddy current modeling for CTH - A. Zolfaghari