02 (February)

Date: February 17, 2012


Action Items from the meeting

  • Status reports requested at next meeting
    • Highlights from ISHW- D. Gates
    • Status vs. FY-2012 Work Plan- S. Lazerson, N. Pablant, J. Breslau
    • Updates on PPPL's eddy current results for CTH- J. Hanson, Auburn U.

Program Updates (H. Neilson)

  • DOE's FY-13 funding guidance for stellarators was discussed. W7-X is flat-funded, but LHD is being competed.
  • The solicitation for international collaboration proposals is expected to be issued in April

Calendar Update

  • 3 March - EPS abstract deadline
  • 15 March - Stellarator team meeting
  • 15 March - Field Work Proposals due
  • April - DOE-FES International Solicitation issued
  • 27-31 August - TOFE-2012 Symposium, Nashville, TN
  • 7-12 October - IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, San Diego

Planning and Status Reports

  • 1.3 Divertor Heat Flux Calculations for W7-X (J. Lore, ORNL)
    • Jeremy Lore (ORNL) reported calculations using field-line tracing to provide preliminary estimates of heat flux to the various high heat-flux target surfaces in W7-X, including the so-called "scraper element."
    • Lore's calculations provide input to thermo-hydraulic analyses and showed the sensitivity of the high-heat-flux divertor "footprint" location to variations in the bootstrap current and the vacuum magnetic configuration, underscoring the need for control.
    • Possibilities for using Lore's method to study the response to W7-X controls, such as the trim coils and the divertor sweep coils, were discussed.
  • 3.2 STELLOPT/COILOPT modifications for maintainable designs (J. Breslau)
    • Spline representation for coils has been implemented in COILOPT.
    • It was shown that straight coil segments can now be represented.
    • Several promising QAS and QHS candidate configurations have been identified for optimization.
  • 2.2 XICS Update (N. Pablant)
    • Draft of RSI paper is expected to be completed by end of February.
    • Physics paper draft in about a month
    • Comments on CWGM meeting in Australia (before ISHW)
      • New transport code at LHD- TRIP3D. Interest in getting the XICS measurements into the code.
      • Lots of interest in reconstruction in general
      • Lookup approach to equilibrium analysis is limited; interest in reconstruction is high.
      • Jeff Harris: V3FIT contributes to fast reconstruction (Aaron).
      • CWGM; discussed roles of V3FIT & STELLOPT
      • Discussion of Alfvén activity in stellarators- should keep looking at it.
      • Good discussions with Yokoyama-san about integrating tools into the plan.
    • Two proposals in for this year's LHD run campaign.
    • Two more proposals in the pipeline.
  • Equilibrium reconstruction (S. Lazerson)
    • Highlights of ISHW indicated it was a positive experience.
    • HINT2-PIES "benchmark" did not use same configuration. Sam will take over the PIES calculations from Drevlak and Geiger. Awaits info from Drevlak. Geiger will oversee.
    • Close to converged PIES equilibrium for LHD.
    • Obtained W7X magnetic diagnostics.
    • V3FIT/DIAGNO benchmark.
    • Upgrading SPEC for free-boundary.
    • Non-stellarator-symmetric PIES is coming along. Had to re-write PIES. VMEC-to-PIES routine works well.
    • Give STELLOPT to NIFS

Summary by: Hutch Neilson, 22 February 2012