01 (January)

Date: January 18, 2012


Action Items

  • Status reports requested at next meeting
    • Highlights from ISHW - D. Gates
    • Status vs FY2-012 Work Plan - S. Lazerson
    • Status vs FY-2012 Work Plan, including plan for XICS upgrade work - N. Pablant
    • Optimization - J. Breslau
    • Updates on PPPL's eddy current results for CTH - J. Hanson, Auburn U.

Program updates (M. Zarnstorff, H. Neilson, D. Gates)

  • Mike summarized the status of planning in China for a fusion test reactor. Plans for a stellarator option, including possible U.S. collaboration, are on hold for at least several months.
  • Dave summarized ongoing PPPL physics activities and plans for upcoming conferences
  • W7-X and LHD work plans are now more or less complete. We will track progress against milestones that were presented. Please see GHN slides; bring corrections to my attention.

Planning and Status Reports

  • 3.1 Eddy Current Modeling for CTH (J. Hanson, Auburn U)
    • Structure models generated by A. Zolfaghari have been received and read into Mathematica. Checks were performed and the transfer appears to be satisfactory.
    • Jim presented his work plan, and will report progress next time.
  • 3.2 STELLOPT/COILOPT modifications for maintainable designs (J. Breslau)
    • Progress: Josh reported progress modifying COILOPT to use a spline representation. This is needed in order to incorporate engineering constraints for maintainability.
    • Much-appreciated support has been received from N. Pomphrey and L.P. Ku.

Summary by: H. Neilson (20 January 2012)