06 (June)

Date: June 26, 2012



  • Strategic planning for next stellarator program funding period (FY14-16)
  • Pursue initiatives, e.g. via LDRD or international collaboration, to be prepared for any opportunities to re-invigorate the domestic stellarator program


  • Stellarator Program Update - G.H. Neilson
  • Stellarator Physics Update - D. Gates
  • Progress on W7-X trim coils:
    • 1st coil arrived at IPP 26 June.
    • Coils 2, 3, 4 are in progress
  • W7-X trim coil power supplies: Successful FDR 20 June
  • Status of PPPL stellarator papers accepted, submitted, or in preparation was summarized
  • LHD XICS upgrade for full cross-section coverage is in progress
  • Experiments proposed for 2012 LHD run; Novimir will participate on-site
  • Stellarator team is involved in 3D tokamak reconstructions and proposal for 3D tokamak control
  • Priorities for next ~15 months (remainder of the funding cycle) were discussed


  • 1.4 Report of Visit to IPP and Future Directions - G. Wurden
    • W7-X consturction remains on schedule for ~Nov 2014 completion
    • Data processing equipment for U. S. IR cameras was shipped to IPP
    • A collaboration for real-time processing software has been established among Wurden, M. Jacubowski (IPP), and A. Rodatos (student)
    • LANL is procuring a fast, high-resolution IR camera. Will test on C-Mod and use for qualification testing of IPP periscopes.
    • Partial IPP collaboration "wish list" for next funding period
      • ICRF antenna design
      • Long-pulse pellet injector
      • Imaging equipment: periscopes, cameras
      • Real-time control software
      • Large-volume data handling
  • 3.2 STELLOPT/COILOPT modifications for maintainable designs - J. Breslau
    • A pair of QAS configurations is being explored for further improvements
    • Improvements to the COILOPT code to speed up execution are being studied
    • Two ASIPP scientists will visit PPPL for an extended period starting in October 2012.
  • 2.2 XICS update - N. Pablant
    • A paper documenting the hardware development has been accepted by Rev Sci Inst
    • A paper on analysis and validation is planned
    • XICS upgrade is in progress, aiming for installation at LHD in August-September
    • An inversion procudure has been developed, incorporating various constraints to enforce physical profiles
    • Inversin results for a high-density LHD shot at two time points were presented. The XICS performs well in comparison to other diagnostics, but the upgrade to improve spatial coverage is urgently needed
    • STELLOPT developments for stable, robust performance are in progress; examples were shown to illustrate current status
  • 1.1 / 2.3 Equilibrium reconstruction - S. Lazerson
    • STELLOPT physics upgrades continue to progress
    • VMEC benchmarking status was presented
    • A brief paper on the Virtual Casing Principle is EXTENDER calculation of fields outside the equilibrium boundary were discussed
    • DIAGNO-V3FIT benchmarking status was presented. In collaboration with Jim Hanson, Auburn
    • Status of F-12 milestones and deliverables was summarized

Summary by G.H. Neilson