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PPPL diagnostic is key to world record of German fusion experiment (Jul 2018)

PPPL physicist Novimir Pablant, right, and Andreas Langenberg of the Max Planck Institute in front of the housing for the x-ray crystal spectrometer prior to its installation in the W7-X. (Photo by Scott Massida)


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Task# Title

2017-7 Coherence Imaging Spectroscopy (rev date Aug 2017)

2017-6 X-ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometer (rev date Jul 2017)

2017-4 OP2 Endoscopes (rev date Jul 2017)

2017-3 PMI and Impurity Sourcing (rev date Sep 2017)

2017-2 Core Transport with XICS (rev date Sep 2017)

2017-1 Neutral Beams and Energetic Particles (rev date Jul 2017)

2016-1 Remote Collaboration Technology (rev date Aug 2017)

2015-10 Quantitative Edge Spectroscopy (rev date Sep-2017)

2015-9 Helium Exhaust (rev date Sep-2017)

2015-8 X-ray imaging crystal spectrometer (Auburn) (rev date Aug 2017)

2015-7 V3FIT equilibrium reconstruction, EMC3 interface (rev date Sep 2017)

2015-6 EMC3-Eirene Modeling (rev date Sep 2017)

2015-5 Heavy Ion Beam Probe (rev date Aug 2017)

2015-4 Gas Puff Imaging (rev date Aug 2017)

2015-3 Phase Contrast Imaging (rev date Jul 2017)

2015-2 Long-Pulse PMI Science (rev date Aug 2017)

2015-1 High Heat Flux Scraper Element (rev date Aug 2017)

2014-6 Pellet Fueling Program (rev date Jun-2019)

2014-5 Infrared Imaging (rev date Jul 2017)

2014-4 Magnetics and Control

2014-3 On-Site U.S. W7-X Program Coordination at IPP (rev date Sep 2017)

Closed Task Agreements

2014-2 X-ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometer

2014-1 TDU Scraper Element

W7-X Task Agreement Summary